Unique design

After months of brainstorming, playing, calculating, testing we created Rockeees.

The stone consists of 17 unique, different surfaces. Each side with its own balancing point. All calculated with the utmost precision. After every change we challenged the power of gravity until it was perfect!

The ROCKEEES are nestable, meaning six ROCKEEES can create a circle. This way, it is easy to carry them anywhere you go. They come with a ‘smart’ travel bag.

Coool recycling!

The ROCKEEES are designed and manufactured in Holland. We think recycling is key to a better and sustainable environment, but playing and having fun is just as important. So we combined these two elements into this new responsible lifestyle toy.

Together with our partners Coolrec and Injection Point we found a way to make our ROCKEEES from recycled fridges in the Netherlands. Yes, you hear it right, the ROCKEEES are made from 100% recycled fridges. Coool eh!

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